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Sam Navon

Cleveland Clinic, Abu Dhabi

Congratulations and my thanks to you for the wonderful invention of the XtraFocus.

I have implanted four so far and look forward to many more.

Gerd Auffarth.jpg

Gerd Auffarth

Heidelberg University, Germany

We are pleased to see our report on using a Morcher Xtrafocus lens to treat a patient who had radial keratotomy 22 years ago. Surgery was performed at Heidelberg University Eye Clinic and the case was published in the latest American Journal of Ophthalmology Case Reports.

Romesh Angunawela.jpg

Romesh Angunawela

Moorfields Eye Hospital, UK

Very encouraging results using the Morcher XtraFocus piggyback pinhole implant placed in front of an intraocular lens in patients with irregular corneas.


Warren Hill.jpg

Warren Hill


Congratulations on an amazing device.

It's this kind of thinking that helps with otherwise unsolvable problems. I wish that we had it here in the States. 

Sam Masket.jpg

Sam Masket


Congratulations on your remarkable invention. The concept of pinhole optics for irregular corneas is brilliant!

I get very excited when young minds produce great innovations.


Gregory Moloney


We have been working with the IC-8 and the XtraFocus in keratoconus for about 1-2 years and are grateful these are part of treatment algorithms now. There are grateful patients in Australia.

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